I thought it might help if I produced a 'Bookshop' of links to Amazon for those books and DVD's that cover events on Crete in 1941.  Most of these I have myself, and these will have been used when producing the site. In Association with Amazon.co.uk
The articles can be purchased via Amazon by clicking on the photo of the product.

Crete 1941, Eyewitnessed: Eyewitnessed

Unfortunately Amazon do not have a photo for this book, however it is one I have used a lot.  It has a large number of eyewitness accounts by Allied soldiers, Cretans and Germans.


This is a new book in the Osprey series, the maps are particularly useful for following the battle.

The Lost Battle

This was one of my main reference books for the site.


A good biography of one of the New Zealanders who assisted the Cretan Resistance, and died helping them.

The Cretan Runner

A well known book, featured on the site.

Ill Met by Moonlight

The book of the film of the capture of General Kreipe.

Crete the Battle and the Resistance

Another main source for the site.  Very readable.  Beevor's wife is writing a biography of Paddy Leigh Fermor.


One of "Paddy's" books, with a section on the kidnap of Kreipe in his words.  It contains some excellent sketches of his travels in Greece.

The Fall of Crete

A more measured book than his well known WW1 book, 'Lions led by Donkeys'.


On my bookshelf, but I have not yet read this one.


A large book covering the navy in WW2.  Excellent for the action off Matapan and Crete.


I have not read this one.

Officers and Gentlemen

Evelyn Waugh's "Officers & Gentlemen" is part of a trilogy.  Though fictional it is worth a read for the section on Crete.


I use the Obituary pages of the Telegraph and the Times a lot.  Both of these books are good.


War in a Stringbag

This was my source for pages which have attacks by the old 'Lady', especially Matapan.


If you want to know more about the aircraft that gave the soldiers and sailors such a rough time.

Storming Eagles

This covers more than Crete, but has good sections on paratroop assaults.


Not yet read by myself.

The other side of the hill

Liddell Hart interrogated many of the German senior officers after the war, I used it for his section on Student.


Like his book 'Storming Eagles', this covers more than Crete.


Biography of Lt. Roy Farran who took his tanks into Galatas.  Very good.

Story of 'Sandy' Thomas who was wounded at Galatas.


If you are interested in the battle, you have to see the DVD, even if it is a 'studio' view of what happened with Kreipe.  Bit of a classic.


You should get this for a history of the German paratroop arm.  Good film footage.


A DVD of the resistance on Crete.