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On the route from the Channel Tunnel to Bruxelles Richard spent some time describing the area we were driving through and the background to the operation.  We arrived in Bruxelles on a lovely sunny afternoon to find that this was the one day in the year when cars, lorries and buses were excluded from the city, pedestrians and cyclists only.  Not sure if we broke any rules but we drove slowly to the hotel anyway.  The hotel was very good, but air-conditioning seems not to have made it to Belgium yet.  Seeing a city without motor transport is different!  Cyclists everywhere, and a real carnival atmosphere, even cows on the town square for some strange reason that we did not work out.  Most people made it to Grande Place for a cold beer in the sun.  At the meal in the evening some of us found out what the main course was we had ordered, Sausage 'Stompe', the verdict was "good".  Richard, as on each evening, gave a talk to put the day into perspective and to outline what we would be doing the following day.

The Cafe society is alive and well in Bruxelles

Grande Place