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War Cemeteries
Derek Twigg


I have spent a number of holidays on Crete, and it is a lovely island.  Although this site is primarily concerned with the events of 1941 to the end of the war, we should remember that it is a great place to take a holiday.  

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I have included a few of my own photos, and I will gradually increase the number as and when I do site updates.  This section may increase to a few pages!  A little self indulgence isn't all bad.


The square in Hania, by the waterfront

The harbour in Hania

Tenderizing an octopus! In a village in the White Mountains
A rainbow over Paleokastro in eastern Crete One of the many road shrines
A village church in the east of the island White daisies in an olive-grove on the east of the island in Spring.
A narrow street in Hania

Sardines for the grill, Cretan style