D-Day & Arnhem
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D-Day Tour


I have taken part in two WW2 battlefield tours with Prof. Richard Holmes as guide.  In May 2003 my wife and I visited the D-Day Beaches and in September of that year we went off to tour Arnhem and the area covered by "Market Garden".  

Richard in characteristic pose

Although neither of these operations are directly related to Crete, I have included a brief description of the tours and a number of photos as they may be of interest to others.  I also have a description and photos from a WW1 tourof Ypres and the Somme, as well as a recent one to Verdun, also with Richard Holmes, on my York and Lancaster Regiment site.
Some of the German commanders on Crete would re-appear to confront the Allies on the D-Day invasion and also on Operation Market Garden; particular examples are General Kurt Student and Colonel Frederick Von der Heydte.