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The naval forces available to Admiral Cunningham, Vice-Admiral Pridham-Wippell and the Italian commander, Admiral Iachino.

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There is a separate page showing the aircraft used in the aerial attacks; the Fulmar, the Swordfish and the Albacore.
Pridham-Wippell's Light Force (Force B)
Cruisers Orion (flag), Ajax, Gloucester, HMAS Perth

These cruisers were 6-inch gun ships, as against the 8-inch of the Italian cruisers

The photo on the right shows the Gloucester.
Destroyers Four destroyers in the group.
Cunningham's Battle-fleet
Battleships Warspite (flag), Valiant, Barham

The photo above shows the Warspite

Carrier Formidable
Destroyers Jervis, Janus, Nubian, Mohawk, Stuart, Greyhound, Griffin, Hotspur, Havock.
Iachino's force (the Italians)
Battleship Vittorio Veneto.  41,377 tons, nine 15-inch guns, 30 knots.  Picture below.
Cruisers Trieste, Trento, Bolzano, Zara, Fiume, Pola.  These were 8-inch gun ships.

Abruzzi & Garibaldi.  Both 6-inch gun ships

Destroyers 13 destroyers.