George V Funeral
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Fred's son sent me some official photos taken of the funeral of King George V, 28th January, 1936.

The photos come from a book that was presented to all members of the Gun Carriage Crew.

Fred was part of the Gun Carriage Crew; he was in the party that marched behind the coffin, in the left hand file in the fourth of the five ranks.  In the second photo I have put a red spot against him on the photo to help pick him out.  From the photos I can only assume it was a wet and probably cold day.

As a coincidence my own father was part of the funeral procession for King George VI, he was then a Flt. Sgt. in the RAF.  Then, as young RAF Apprentices my brother and myself marched behind the coffin of Churchill in 1965; slow march with 'arms reversed' from Parliament Square to St Paul's.

In the photo above Fred is in the group behind the gun carriage.

Fred has a red spot against him.

A cold day.

Again, I have identified Fred with a red spot, all the other members of the Gun Carriage Crew are identified on the chart below.

After the funeral Fred was awarded the Royal Victorian Medal (silver).