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Most of my sources for the content of the site have been books, and I have listed those below that I have found most useful.  I have also included a short summary of my own on each book.  The links are to other sites that I have found interesting, and which may also be of interest to visitors to this site.
Books  XXXXX
Author Title and summary
P Leigh-Fermor "Words of Mercury"  A number of extracts from Leigh-Fermors other books, including a report of the capture of General Kreipe.
Davin "Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War - Crete"
Roy Farran "Winged Dagger", the story of Roy Farran who was in the Light Tanks at Maleme and Galatas.
Murray Elliott "Vasili, The Lion of Crete".  A short biography of the New Zealander, Dudley Perkins, who went back to Crete to assist the resistance, and died there when his group came in contact with a German patrol.
Sores, Cull & Malizia "Air war for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete, 1940-41".
David A Thomas "Crete 1941, the battle at sea."   A detailed book that concentrates on the action as seen by the naval forces under Admiral Cunningham.
George Psychoundakis "The Cretan Runner."  Although many of the people of the island fought in the Cretan resistance, few if any others recorded their experiences.  Translated and introduced by Patrick Leigh Fermor who was part of the resistance as one of the British officers helping the Cretans.
Alan Clark "The fall of Crete"  An excellent history.  Clark later wrote a classic history of Barbarossa (before writing his diaries)
Various "Crete 1941 eyewitnessed"  A book of eyewitness accounts by islanders, Allied soldiers as well as some from the German forces.  Full of short episodes giving an insight to what it was like during those 10 days.
Anthony Beevor "Crete, the Battle and the Resistance"  An excellent history written in a very readable style.  Beevor also wrote the acclaimed history, "Stalingrad"
Callum Macdonald "The Lost Battle, Crete 1941"  The first of the sources that I read on the subject.  Excellent book.
The Times & Telegraph Newspapers  The obituary column.
Clifton Park Museum.  Museum of the York & Lancaster regiment. They photocopied for me the Second World War section of the Battalion history of the 2nd Battalion, Yorks & Lancs.
Lew Lind His book "Flowers of Rethymnon." Originally, "Escape from Crete."
Public Records Office Operational Record Books for RAF Squadrons & "Crete Naval and RAF Sitreps 20/5/41" WO106/3241, also WO 106/3243
Correlli Barnett Engage the enemy more closely.  The Royal Navy in the Second World War.
Evelyn Waugh Officers and Gentlemen
W.S. Moss Ill Met by Moonlight.  The story of the capture of General Kreipe by British Officers and the Cretan Resistance.
Many accounts. Crete 1941 Eyewitnessed.  This is a small book I bought on Crete, it contains many short eyewitness accounts of various events on the island.  Get this from Amazon via this link

 Crete 1941, Eyewitnessed

Site Content 

This site is dedicated to keeping alive some of the mementos of those who fought in the war.  Diaries, letters medals etc are retained by them. 

The Second World War Experience Centre was created to save a crucial part of our heritage. The tale of all men and women during the Second World War is of absorbing interest and teaches vital lessons about our past. We have an obligation to join in rescuing all the material we can about this most terrible of conflicts before it is too late. A New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage site, covering some of the NZ experience of the Battle. A Greek government sponsored site, giving a lot of information about Greece.  Go to their battle of Crete link.  They have used my site as their "unofficial" site for the battle.  A very good site for Operation Merkur, the German paratroop invasion, by Peter Denniston A site with many links to other relevant sites.  diary of Yeoman Watkins and the action of HMAS Stuart at Matapan. A site for a POW camp in Wales where many of the German senior officers were held, including Kreipe, Student and Ramcke. Don Clark's site giving the history of 211 Squadron A useful site for photos of the tanks used on Crete.  I have borrowed a couple of their photos. A site giving order of battle information for many actions in the 2nd World War.  A site where Pete Turpie has some of his poems as well as photos from Crete. Rob Brown's site for 112 Squadron