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Date of most recent update Update content
19th February, 2006 Added the obituary for George Psychoundakis.
5th February, 2006 Added a couple of pages for Frank Mason of XI Squadron who flew in Blenheims in Greece before evacuating to Crete.
1st January, 2006 I have added a long extract from Hansard which reports Churchill's speech regarding the decision to defend Crete in spite of the lack of air support.
17th December, 2005 Having started a 3 year full time degree course, I have been a little absent.  I have now added a number of extracts from Hansard and from Cabinet minutes.
20th August, 2005 Over the last couple of months there have been a number of additions following further reading of Davin's Official History.
28th May Further updating of the pages of the battle, this update was for the battle of Galatas on the 25th May.
25th March I have got behind with updating this page.  There are now a number of Amazon links and also a new page from a relative or a resistance member.
1st January, 2005 Reconnaissance photo of Maleme plus extracts from a PRO file
19th December, 2004 Added extracts from the diary of one of the German glider pilots.
27th November, 2004 In memory of Fred Allcock who died in the sinking of the Juno.
17th October, 2004 Considerable change to pages associated with Galatas.  More change to come.
13th October, 2004 Updating and additions on 22nd May events.
19th September, 2004 Added obituary to Major Stanley Beckinsale.  Used extracts from Daily Telegraph.
25th June, 2004 Further changes based on Davin's book.  Updated Group Centre for 20 May and added a little on Tony Trumble who commanded RAF Heraklion when the invasion started.
23 May, 2004 A page added to cover the attack on Eben Emael
21st March, 2004 Some additions to the page on the kidnap of General Kreipe.
25th January, 2004 Major changes to the pages related to the 20 May around Maleme.
21st December, 2003 A number of improved maps have been added around the site.
6th December, 2003 Made a number of changes to the positioning of various pages, and added updates to the build-up to the battle.  Over the next few months there will be a number of updates to the battle from Davin.
28th September, 2003 Added pages for the trip to Arnhem and moved the D-Day trip pages under the same heading
8th June, 2003 Added pages to cover the tour of the D-Day Beaches.
6th June, 2003 After receiving some extra info from Hal Corbould about his father, I have made a separate page for Sgt. Corbould.
25th May, 2003 Included mentions of Sgt Corbould who worked with the resistance on the island, Eleftheria Rallis who was a young lady on the island also working against the Germans, and Stoker Petty Officer Frederick Allcock who died on the Juno
27th April, 2003 Finished the page on the air war in Greece.
20th April, 2003 Added an obituary to Commander Swanton, one of the Swordfish pilots who attacked the Bismarck.
29th March, 2003 I have been a little remiss at keeping this section up to date.  There have been a number of additions relating to the airwar in Greece, and recent additions to the pages on the paratroops giving description of actual drops.
13th December, 2002 A brave man, Bill Sparks, last of the Cockleshell Heroes, has died.  While not involved in Crete, his brother died in the sinking of the Naiad in March '42.  The Naiad had been involved in the naval actions off Crete.
30th November, 2002 An explanation for the burial of a German soldier in the Allied cemetery, instead Maleme.
10th November, 2002 I have started adding comments and extracts from the Official New Zealand History of the Battle.
13th October, 2002 There have been 2 updates.  One to add a page on Dudley Perkins, known as Vasili to the Cretan resistance, and one on Lt. Roy Farran who led a troop of Light Tanks at Maleme and Galatas.
25th August, 2002 Added additional photos of Egon Radeck, with his potted biography.  Also an extract from an obituary of Ralph Bennett who worked in Hut 3 at Bletchley Park.
9th August, 2002 A photo and a few words on Egon Konrad Radeck, who jumped with the paratroops over Crete.  Also a short obituary on Lt-Cdr Carey of HMS Naiad, and Lt-Cdr Pattisson whose torpedo crippled the Bismarck.
15 July, 2002 More on Stringbags, as well as an obituary on Major Macalister Hall of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
29 June, 2002 Added extracts from Charles Lamb's book, "War in a Stringbag" to show what the Swordfish was like to fly and fight.
9 June, 2002 I have started a page relating to the tanks used on Crete.
18 May, 2002 Completed my page on Ultra.
1 April, 2002 More extracts added from 'Crete Eyewitnessed'.
17 March, 2002 Extracts from 'Crete Eyewitnessed' have been used throughout the site, as well as a new page describing one soldier's recollection of fighting the paratroops as they landed.  I have also added some photos on a new page, 'Crete Today'.  Also, an one soldiers view of the New Zealand attack on Maleme, early on the morning of 22nd May.
23 February, 2002 Brief comments on LAC Thomas Burrows and the Moumoutjis family from Galatas.  I was contacted by family members with some brief family histories.

Also added a site-overview page.

10 February, 2002 A page on the kidnap of General Kreipe, made famous in the book and film, 'Ill met by moonlight'.
19 January, 2002 Added more content section on to the retreat to Sfakion for evacuation by the Navy.
13 January, 2002 The Netmind facility, allowing people to register for an auto-email when changes are made to the site, is to be withdrawn by the company who run this service.  I will look for alternatives.
9 December 2001 I have been sent some additional photos of Fred Crosby and his grave in Suda Bay, these are included.
25 November 2001 A reference to CQMS Crosby, 2nd York & Lancs who died, 28 May, 1941.  Also added extracts from various newspaper obituaries.
3 November 2001 Extracts from "The Thin Red Line" detailing the actions of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
18 August 2001 I found a Daily Telegraph article on their website that describes a 1998 meeting between George Psychoundakis and Patrick Leigh Fermor.  Also an article that links a survivor from the Destroyer Juno, and an air-crash on Iceland.
5 August 2001 Added extracts from the ORBs for 33 and 211 Squadrons.
14 July 2001 Lew Lid's story of his experience of the battle, as a prisoner, then escape back to Egypt.  Also the role of HMAS Stuart following an obituary in the Daily Telegraph for one of her officers.
1 July 2001 I have added a number of photos from the Arthur Turnbull photo library.
23 June 2001 The sinking of the cruiser, HMS Gloucester
10 June 2001 Captain John Manussis escapes from Greece.
27 May 2001 The sinking of the destroyer HMS Juno.
28 April 2001 The 2nd Battalion of the York and Lancaster Regiment on Crete.  My grandfather was in this battalion in France in WW1
14 April 2001 The story of Squadron Leader Howell, Dennis Ciclitira and "Monty" Woodhouse.  
8 April 2001 Finished the section on the Cretan Runner
18 March 2001 First major upload of the site.